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We All Think About Adventure And Travel

It Is The Season! The Season Of Prosperity Begins NOW.

Fairs, Festivals, And Events That You Love To Be At Are All Around The Country And The World Waiting For You. Waiting To… Pay Your Way! Be On The Income Side Of The Table And Make Your Fairs And Festivals Profit-Making Events!

Freedom To Travel And Make Money! What Could Be Better? Living Into Your Passions.

Those That Vend And Sell At Fairs, Festivals, And Events Sell Large Volumes Of Jewelry In A Short, Compressed Period. It’s Like… Holiday Sales Year-Round. Then You Have 3 Or 4 Days Off.

Do you like to travel?

That Retired Couple I Had Met Just North Of Gold Beach, Oregon, In 1992 At A Roadside Fair With Another 25 Or So Vendors, Selling Portable Electric Pianos, Pottery, And Other Cool Stuff Out Of Their 34 Ft Motorhome Had A Great Life. How Cool, I Remember Thinking. They Could Come And Go As They Pleased, Where They Pleased When They Pleased. And Guess What, As They Sold Down From Their 20 Years In The Pottery Business, They Added The Peter Stone Jewelry.  Line To Their Sales Inventory! They Could Now Travel Light!

  • Their First Wholesale Purchase Was $500 And Turned It Into $1250
  • Three Weeks Later, They Bought $1500 Wholesale And Turned It Into Retail $3900
  • And Three Weeks After That, They Bought $4500 Wholesale! Wow, They Were Doing Great And Turned That Into Almost $15,000 Retail Sales! Great Profits! Great Fun! They Were Living A Free Life By The Sea!

Jewelry Is Small, Compact, And Easy To Store. Good Quality Sterling Silver Holds Its Value, A Precious Metal That Is A Store Of Value. So, Just By Adding A Few Folding Tables, A Colored Sheet Or Two, And Some Environmentally Friendly Rubberwood Displays, They Were In Business, A Very Profitable Business. WOW! We Were All Pretty Excited That Summer. . . Making Good Sales, Great Money With Good Profit Margins. It Paid For Our Trips And Then Some. Of Course, The Business Side Of It Is Very Active And Social; We Were Outdoors Most Of The Time, Meeting New People, AND We Had Legitimate Tax Deductions From Our Traveling Business Model. They Wintered In Arizona And Sold There . . . Summered On The Oregon Coast And Sold There Too! And Everything Fit Nicely And Quite Compactly In The Rollins’ RV Motorhome. Voila! The Retired Life! What A Fun Summer. I Shifted My Diet That Year From Three Dunkin’ Donuts Per Day To 3-4 Fresh Apples, Raw Corn On The Cob, Fresh Filberts, Pints Of Strawberries, And Other Fresh Fruits I Found On The Oregon Coast.


I Even Got HEALTHY Along The Way!


I Was Making Great Money In A Small Space, Traveling, Doing Photography, And Collecting Used Books When I Wasn’t Selling. Hey, My Favorite Bookstore In The Entire USA Is Powell’s In Portland! The Rollins Continued This Lifestyle For Many Years, And Our Relationship Lasted Many Years As Well.


That Was My Summer Of 1992!


How Will Your Summer Of 2021 Be And Beyond?


Turn Your Free Time Into Fun Connections While Selling At Fairs, Festivals, Or Events As You Travel, Creating A Side Business.

The Country Is Heading To A Time Where We Want More Control Of Our Destinies, More Freedom! It’s Happening Now, So Keep Your Money In Your Bank Accounts And Get On The Road. Do Something! Help Yourselves Out! Take Your Life And Your Destiny And Put It In Your Own Hands. Write Off That Cost Of Gas, Maintenance, And Part Of Your Mobile Home Payment, Campground Fees, And More. Leave Your Hard-Earned Money In The Bank And Have Some Fun. And Make Money While You Are Doing It.

What Tools Are There?

Travel Money Today And For The Future?

Today, So Many People Are Traveling And Purchasing Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Camper Vans, And Conversion Vans To Be Free And Travel The Way They Choose, Where They Choose, And When They Choose.

There Are Indeed Lots Of Ways To Make Money On The Road Today. However, You Want To Make Sure You’re Doing Something To Earn An Income That Serves Not Just One Interest And Not Just One Need For Money But Leveraging Your Time To Get Much More Fulfillment From Your Time Out Traveling.

I Asked The Question Way Back In 1986 How I Could Continue Traveling And Make Money When I Decided To Quit Working Merchant Ships As A First Engineering Officer. I Was Making A Six-Figure Income. I Had Traveled To 45 Countries. My Health Insurance Paid, Food Covered, With A Nice Stateroom On A Ship All Paid. I Had No Expenses.

Meet More People, Like-Minded With The Same Interests

When We Consider Leaving The Nest, We Begin To Think About Perhaps Too Many Things The Many Years Behind Us. I Most Cases, We Start To Over-Think And Tend To Complicate What Is Otherwise A Simple Matter.


We Must Remember It’s Our Time! Now We’re Free And Ready For The Open Road! We’ve Put Our Time In! We Start To Think About All Of Our Friends, Our Family.

Then There Is All The Furniture And All The Belongings That We Collected. What Will We Do With All Of These Things That Have Meant So Much To Us? There Is Plenty Of Storage Around, But Why Not Sell The Replaceable Things And Store Only The Sentimental Items Of Value Or Give Them To Our Family That Will Stay Behind. They Will Always Be There For Us When We Return.


In Today’s World Of Online Communications, It Is So Simple To Eliminate The Reasons For Not Being Able To Communicate With Our Family Members, Our Closest Family. We Overthink, And We Overcomplicate When In Reality, We Are Only A Short Drive Away At Any Time. We Can Continue To Grow With Our Family Even Though There’s Added Distance. We Have Online Communication Audio And Visual, Just Like Being There.

Meaningful Symbolic Jewelry Designs

There Is Meaning, Value, And Connection In Every Symbolic Piece Of Peter Stone Jewelry. Your Client Will Feel It Even Before They Put Your Piece Of Jewelry On.


That Feeling Will Increase When Your Customers Wear It.


It’s Easy To See The Attention Given To Detail And Fineness In Every Piece Of Peter Stone Jewelry.

43+ Niche Jewelry Collections

Peter Stone Jewelry Has Something For Everyone In Its Many Niche Collections.


This Gives You A Massive Edge Over The Competition. Our Jewelry Is Unlike Any Other In Its Fine Detail, Heft, And Beauty.


This Will Be Immediately Apparent To Your Customers.

Simplicity In Creating The Right Jewelry Lines

There Is A Choice Of Four Packages. You Can Order The Jewelry Through Our Catalogs Or Directly Online.


Simply Sign Up For A Wholesale Account, Then Use The Search Function To Build The Collections Of Jewelry You Know Your Buyers Are Going To Love!


It’s Fast, Simple, And Easy To Get Started.

Total Life Freedom Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Life-Of Freedom Plan Have You Ever Thought, ” I Just Want To Get Out And See The World?” Maybe Even See The World Or Country And Get Paid For Ding What I Like When I Want To? Asked How? Or… Simply Said Oh Look At Hose Lucky People Who Do While The Bank Roll Fades? 


Thee Matter Of The Fact Is It Is Very Simple To Do This And Takes Some Organizing. Many People Are Already 90% Ahead Of Where They Think Are. Great Rewards Come When You Put Forth Effort With A Mix Of Passion, Desire And Courage. A Winning Formula! There Is Work But You Determine At What Level You Will Work At.


The Investment Freedom Plan Is An Investment In Your Future. It Offers Not Only Financial Freedom , But Also The Freedom Of Travel, Time And A Expanded Social Connection While Living The Life You Always Dreamed.


The Mid-Level Investment Freedom Plan

The Mid-Level Investment Freedom Plan Is A $14,997 Investment In Your Future. 


It Offers Not Only Financial Freedom, But Also The Freedom Of Travel, Time And Expanded Social Connection While Living The Life You Always Dreamed. This Program Includes 18 Extremely Valuable Tools To Get You Up And Running In 120 Days. 


This Is A Program Unlike Any Other, And Here Is What You Will Get In This Turnkey


$ 14,997

Entry Level Freedom Plan

The Entry-Level Freedom Plan Is A $4,997 Investment In Your Future.


It Offers More Than Financial Freedom! This Package Offers Freedom Of Travel, A Better Overall Quality Of Life, And An Expanded Social Connection While Living The Life You Always Dreamed Of.


This Program Includes 20 Extremely Valuable Tools To Get You Up And Running In 120 Days Or Less.

$ 4,997



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Peter Stone A.G., G.G., F.G.A., Founder And Owner Of Peter Stone Group Of Companies, Is Giving You A Veritable Roadmap To Success. He Has Already Carved The Path For Three Decades. All You Have To Do Is Start Your Journey, Take Action And Accelerate!

The Secret To Big Sales And A Life Of Freedom

There Are Tens Of Thousands Of Fairs, Festivals, And Events In North America, Europe, The UK, Australia, And The Rest Of The World. The Beauty Is You Pick The Fair You Want To Go To. You Are Living The Life That You Want. Face-To-Face Live Selling To People, With People, That You Want To Associate With.

You’re Fully Living Into Your Passion. This, My Friends, Is A Winning Formula!

Travel, Income, People You Love To Meet, Seeing The World, With Great Profits, Having Plenty Of Free Time. When You’re Working, It Does Not Really Work. It’s More Like A Social Event Making Your Life, The Life You Always Dreamed Of.

OH, Yeah… Social Media Marketing Gets REAL POWERFUL Here!

This Model I Did Myself. Quality Matters!

I Created A Multi-Million Dollar Company Because I Did This. Living The Life I Love. I Simply Followed My Passion And Made Money Within My Dream Of Travel And Creativity. I’m Loving The Journey Now More Than Ever. Today 100 + Countries Traveled.



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